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Qualitative designer furniture from the manufacturer

Modern furniture is not just ordinary chairs, sofas and pouffes. Humanity has stepped on a new stage in aesthetic evolution, and our sense of beauty requires that there should be designer furniture at home. In addition,it should not only enjoy the eye, but also be comfortable and cozy. It is the furniture that is manufactured and offered  you in the  FAVORIS LLC. Here you get arm chairs, sofas, pouffes and chairs for your home.

Modern furniture at your home!

Our store of designer furniture FAVORIS offers you a wide range of furniture that meets all the needs of modern people. But our main "stars" are legendary armchairs and sofas "recliner". Furniture of this type is extremely popular in Europe and the USA. "Recliners" are created on the basis of the mechanism providing 3 angles of an inclination of an armchair and a sliding support for feet. Let's just say - it's exclusive furniture, which provides you with the most comfortable rest!

Elegant vacation for exquisite people

While choosing a furniture, you show your taste and personality! Each chair, table and sofa is a projection of your rich inner world, style and taste. Here the trade-offs are irrelevant. You choose what is identified with you - a wise and elegant person who knows what he needs. We offer you a wide selection of handmade and high quality furniture that will emphasize your personality. We offer the comfort that you have been looking for.

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Why does everyone choose "FAVORIS"?

We are trailblazers! With us, designer furniture Ukraine becomes not just a beautiful piece of interior, but your recreational corner. We offer the beauty and convenience of every movement, and what else can you dream about?

"FAVORIS" is a designer Internet furniture store of a new generation.

They say that beauty requires sacrifice. Our furniture store destroys this stereotype. You get something incredibly beautiful. And guaranteed to receive a high-quality product. After all, "FAVORIS" is not only the sale of designer furniture, we manufacture it ourselves! Therefore, our company vouches for every piece of furniture you purchase. Our furniture is:

        - original;

        - handmade;

        - on a unique technology "recliner";

        - made of quality materials.

If you need designer furniture, order it from us. After all, the usual store will offer you just a decor, we also offer a healthy rest on elegant furniture. You acquire a functional piece of the interior, which looks stylish enough, is so easy to use.

When you enter in the search engine "designer furniture online store" - we are exactly what you were looking for. Looking forward to cooperate with you!

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